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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 4, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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favorite shows. saturday, president obama and his family head to martha's vin gard. it's become the annual summer vacation spot except last year when he was on the campaign trail. all right. thanks so much for joining us. a look at the top stories and more ahead in new york. hello, welcome to cnn "newsroom." high alert right now the u.s. shut many foreign offices, embassies and consulates over fears of a terror attack. in the afternoon math of a bizarre deadly hit and run on venice beach, everyone is asking why would anyone do this? and he's putting on a brave face but is a-rod just hours away from a baseball suspension or worse, an outright ban?
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plus, meet the newest team member heading to the international space station. it could make big changes of how astronauts live in space. those stories and much ahead. it's a day when something happening in sports is making big newses. right now, we are hearing that new york yankee superstar alex rodriguez will be suspended effective this season and all of the next. a formal announcement isn't made yet. the source is "tous au.s. today" they're reporting that a-rod can't talk about a settlement. on the phone with me, andy sholes of "the bleacher report." if the report is true, that meaning 215-game suspension for a-rod, does that mean no lifetime ban? >> yeah. that's exactly what it would
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mean. no lifetime ban. a win for a-rod. that's off the table according to this report by "usa today" and a suspension of 215 games means he can appeal that immediately and while that's going on he would get to play for the new york yankees. he is expected to be in the lineup tomorrow night in chicago and the appeals processes can take pretty long. three to four weeks. he could play in to september and the process now would go in to the point where it's in arbitration. a-rod's lawyers would be arguing why he shouldn't bet getting such a long suspension. he is getting a 215-game suspension and see what would happen from there but he would play immediately starting tomorrow even suspended for 215 games. >> we want to play a sound bite of alex rodriguez talking to reporters last night and doesn't sound like a guy about to ride the bench. take a listen. >> excited to be playing tonight
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and even more excited about monday. i feel i can't wait to see my teammates. i feel like i can help us win, be a better team and i haven't seen a lot of my brothers in a long time. >> so he's still planning on traveling to chicago. >> yeah. he'll be in the lineup tomorrow night. joe girardi said he's planning to pencil him in. an interesting thing about this, a-rod, he hasn't -- before the hip surgery he wasn't playing as well and fans were down on him, as well, on the field. this is interesting to see how they react to him coming back in the lineup. the yankees not getting much production at third base as it is. they're one of the worst teams in all of major league baseball at third base defensively. a-rod might boost the lineup. a couple of home runs in the minor leagues. >> according to reports suspension effective tomorrow. when will we know something official? >> we should get an announcement
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sometime tomorrow. of a-rod's suspension and the other players involved with the bio genesis scandal. those players are expected to get 50 games and according to reports most of them will just go ahead and accept their 50-game suspension and forego going through the arbitration process. a-rod reportedly will fight this and by fighting this keep playing until a final decision is made by the arbitrator. >> well, i know you'll be keeping a close eye on this story. andy, good to speak to you. thank you. while we wait for the official announcement of major league baseball, all we can do is talk about the situation and what it means to the game. jason carroll did that with three guys that talk baseball for a living. >> do you believe he is being targeted because of the amount of money that he makes and because of that lucrative contract he signed? is he a target? >> i don't think it's because of that.
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i think it's more because major league baseball feels he bowed down over them before. >> do you believe that the league is out to get him, rodriguez? >> i think there's a little bit of a grudge because, you know, he has admitted it and yet they haven't been able to do anything to him. >> and some ways he would be an easy target. admitting to using performance-enhancing drugs in the past. not playing very well and making a lot of money. >> the money is a fact or in the whole thing. owed nearly $100 million. you can't take that out of the equation. >> what do you think? >> i think the reason they don't like him is because he's always been sort of a fly in the ointment. never particularly likable person. >> and why is that? >> he's pompous. he's -- you know, he often thought of himself as bigger than the game and been a huge part of the game. >> do you think he loved the game so much he's willing to do anything to play it? >> well, i mean, look.
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if you look at it in the current scandal, with the performance-enhancing drugs, it was after the big contract. you know, is that vanity? is there some integrity there? i don't know. >> what do you think? >> i think it's a combination. again, this is alleged if he did it or not. we don't know for certain. if you go on the assumption he did do it, i think there's vanity and a performance level he wants to achieve even though he has the money. >> i don't doubt for a second he loves and respects the game. i don't doubt that at all. there's a lot of pressure on a guy getting this kind of a contract. i think that you do want to put up certain numbers and maybe you do buy in to that a little bit where you need that extra help to do it. >> should he be allowed to keep playing? >> that's a great question. and there are two different legal avenues to take there. one is, yes, he can. one is, no, he can't.
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i mean, two different routes that maybe baseball can take. >> what do you think? >> what would you like to see happen here? >> well, for my own selfish purposes, i would like to see him play because it's a great story. either way is just if ied. >> thoughts on that? >> he can justify it either way, as well, but i think to be fair he probably should be allowed to play because if it were to come back he didn't do these things, then you've penalized him by not playing. >> why do you think this particular story, the question may seem obvious, why do you think this particular story taken on the life of its own and beyond the sports world in to the news world? >> it's a soap opera. alex rodriguez, made close to half a billion dollars. the new york yankees who you could argue are the most widely known professional sports team in the world. you add that all in and
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different stories and there's a lot of intrigue. i think there's so many things to this story that it's a human interest story. you know? and people wonder, did he do this just for the money? just for the pride? you know? they want to hear him say, you know, i did it and here's why. and i think everybody's waiting for that. and i don't know if they'll ever get it. >> jason carroll there asking the right questions with people in the know. we are staying on top of this news about alex rodriguez. the moment we hear anything solid about his possible suspension, we'll bring it to you and i'll break it down with cnn sports right here in the 6:00 p.m. eastern hour. so stay tuned for that. well, turning to other news, california, a horrific hit and run disaster along the venice's famed beach boardwalk. >> it's like something out of a movie, something you never expect to see. there were people flying, lying on the ground. tents flying. everywhere. >> well, the car drove in to a
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crowd of people along the busy boardwalk just before sunset yesterday evening. killing one person. police have now made an arrest. let's go to nick valencia live in the cnn center. nick, what do we know? >> the suspect turned himself in santa monica a few files away from venice beach. 38-year-old nathan campbell is held on $1 million bond, charged with murder. the lapd says there's no connection between campbell and those that he ran over. they say that it just looks like one guy bent on doing evil. now, as far as how he actually got on to the boardwalk, there's no barricades there, anna. speaking from personal experience, i have been to venice beach a number of times and whether intentionally or accidentally, it's very easy for cars to get on to that boardwalk. police cars cruise up and down the boardwalk after hours. anna? >> nick, witnesses say many
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people that were hit were covered in blood. what do we know about the victims? >> a tragic circumstance for all those injured but especially for a woman. a law enforcement source told me that a woman who was killed, the woman who was killed on her honeymoon. her husband made the statement to police. disturbing comments of the beach. if the intention was to hurt people, he did it at the right time of day. 5:00 p.m. on a saturday as the sun is going down, a couple of hours before sunset. tourists are there. residents are there. it's a time when venice beach is packed with people. anna? >> absolutely tragic. nick valencia joining us, thank you. >> you bet. we have new developments in the terror alert that shuttered many u.s. embassies. late word that some of those closings are being extended. we go live to washington for the latest. that's next. and could you see the future
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welcome back. new developments on the global terror threat keeping the world on edge. cnn learned that 22 u.s. embassies and consulates in the middle east and northern africa will be closed through august 10th. concerns arising that al qaeda might be on the verge of launching a major attack.
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one intercepted message triggered the security concerns. right now, those embassies and consulates are on lockdown and several more will be shut starting tomorrow. the threat sparked a worldwide travel alert for americans. bring in emily schmidt in washington. emily, how's president obama tracking these developments? >> president obama spent a lot of the weekend at the camp david. it is his birthday this weekend and celebrating and the white house is clear he's been briefed on what's been happening and the national security team has been meeting, as well. now we are seeing some developments as we say what happens after today? new word of the state department of will happen. 19 posts are now going to be closed through next saturday, august 10th. when you look at the map it includes a few new addition allocations not closed before. but the flip side, nine posts that were closed today are going to be allowed to reopen tomorrow. the state department says it's
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extending the closures out of an adone dance caution and shouldn't read it as a new indication of a threat stream. we are getting the information of cnn's barbara starr. she reports an intercepted message of senior al qaeda operatives caused the concern. should know that cnn agreed to a request of a obama administration official not to go in to the details of the message. the closures of today, that's nearly passed, but on the sunday morning talk shows we saw something we don't always see. agreement between democrats and republicans who say no matter what happened today, they believe the administration did the right thing by shutting down those embassies and consulates. agreement ends, however, when it comes to how the u.s. gathers intelligence. of course, that's an issue in the forefront since nsa leaker snowden revealed the u.s. monitors u.s. domestic
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telephone. whether or not that program was used to uncover the latest threat, there's a platform for lawmakers who support and oppose the program. >> nsa program is proving its worth yet again. to reform the program, great. if you want to gut it, you make us much less safe and putting our nation at risk. >> i know senator graham said it shows that we need to continue the particular programs but if you look at the one most at issue here, that's the bulk meta data program, there's no indication unless i'm proved wrong later that program with vast amounts of domestic data, domestic telephoning data contributed to information about this particular plot. >> so again, we are going to see a number of embassies remaining closed after today. it's something that originally officials said could happen and go beyond sunday and just within
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the past hour or so, we have learned a number of these will be closed until saturday. >> okay. emily schmidt joining us from washington, we appreciate that. thank you. well, in an unprecedented move the u.s. extending the closures to some embassies and consulates in the middle east and north africa. the breadth of closures stretches now from ben la desh to libya. each diplomatic post is watched carefully for any possible sign of any pending attack. in cairo, thick blast walls block roads near the u.s. embassy. in bangladesh, cars and bags searched and scrutinized. in yemen, at least a dozen tanks protecting the american embassy there, all roads leading to the embassy are closed. well, hundreds of extra security forces are guarding key areas in yemen's capital. the u.s. military is ready to respond at the first sign of trouble. pentagon correspondent barbara starr has the latest details on
2:18 pm
where u.s. marines are right now poised for action. >> reporter: what we know now is in three locations military forces, mainly marines, on a higher state of alert ready to go right away. what are the locations? there are marines in southern spain, in southern italy and in the red sea. these are all combat equipped machines that could move very quickly if ordered. there are other units in the area that could go and reinforce embassies if necessary. if there was a situation that required it, basically this is an effort to make sure that there is plenty of force available nearby ready to move. >> barbara starr joining us there. well, this is news coming in to us. a red alert issued to islamabad. two senior pakistani officials
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tell cnn they have information about a likely attack on a high-value target. cnn's reporter is on the phone. what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, anna, just coming to me now, there are helicopters flying overhead in the capital city. what i can tell you from these officials that we have spoken to, they told us that commanders are currently in the hills. this is a section of hills around the capital city and overlook key installations, military installations and government buildings, too. what i understand from the high-ranking officials is that they have received information from some kind of an intelligence intercept and they understand that potential the air force has quarters and the naval headquarters could be a target for militants and militaries could currently be in the hills, an operation is under
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way. there are helicopters flying above. we understand commanders are searching through the hills and just an idea of who, too, anna, just down the road from these military installations is the parliament building, the presidency, prime minister's house. various other government buildings. where all the embassies are housed, too. a few days after a huge jailbreak was carried out by the taliban in an area and the tribal areas, but right now, this is a very close to home now. this is in the capital islamabad and islamabad tonight is on red ale alert. an anna? >> saima, is there a warning to stay indoors? is there that sort of communication put through the system? >> the trouble, anna, is in pakistan, when we have incidents like this, there seems to be a
2:21 pm
kind of shotgun of information rather than sharing of information as we often see in the west. the military police, they tend to close down and don't share information. certainly, my sources that are these top ranking officials are saying stay indoors. stay away from crowds. that's not going out to the general public as a public service messages but from the people i've spoken to trying to gather information, everyone is staying inside. people are very scared. they hear the helicopters above. they're not sure quite what's going on and very limited information being shared. as you can imagine, if there's a red alert, as well, the military and the police don't necessarily want to inform the potential militants that might be out there what they're doing and where they are carrying out these search operations, too. but they believe that it's not
2:22 pm
any kind of public target that is are potentially the target but government or military buildings. anna? >> as you say, higher value targets. saima mohsin, we appreciate the update. twitter says they'll change the way some people use the service. how it's changing and the terrible reason why. that's coming up. and didn't know where to start. a contractor before at angie's list, you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare
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players setting the sights on wednesday after no tickets matched all six numbers last night. the $300 million jackpot now grows to $400 million. well, it is enough to make anyone happy. it's nowhere near the record high. well, back in june, an 84-year-old florida woman won powerball's $590 million
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jackpot. after a very kind stranger let her step ahead in line. hopefully she shared some of the winnings. twitter is cracking down on abusive behavior on its site. the social network says it's rolling out in tweet. it is a button to report abuse and make it easier for victims to get help. rape and bomb threats were posted against women in the uk. twitter says the button is now part of the latest version of the app for apple devices and available for android users next month. in colorado, a day of wild weather. residents certainly won't forget any time soon. remarkable pictures out of windsor. a blanket of hail on top of several feet of floodwater. it rained for hours when hail started to fall. stones the size of golf balls and, get this, baseballs were reported in some spots. spending time camping in the great outdoors may help you sleep better according to a new
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study. researchers say a week of camping reset the internal body clocks of eight volunteers. their sleeping patterns synchronized with the timing of the sun rise and sunset. they were surrounded by natural light and artificial lights from tvs or computers disrupt sleep. well, a-rod will be suspended monday. that is according to "usa today." we have got the details coming up.
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welcome back. i'm anna coren in new york. not yet official but a major newspaper is reporting that alex rodriguez is out for the rest of the season and all of 2014. well, it's the highly anticipated suspension for a-rod and about ten other big leaguers on allegations they used performance-enhancing drugs. the manager of the new york yankees says rodriguez is in the lineup for tomorrow's game in chicago. in an unprecedented move, the u.s. extending the closures of embassies and consulates in the middle east and north africa. the breadth of closures stretches from bangladesh to libya. each diplomatic post is watched carefully for a sign of an impending attack. in cairo, thick blast walls are blocking roads near the u.s. embassy. in bangladesh, cars and bags searched and scrutinized and in yemen at least a dozen tanks protect the american embassy
2:31 pm
there. all roads leading to the embassy are closed. hundreds of extra security forces are guarding key areas in yemen's capital. security is so high in yemen because that's where u.s. officials say most alarming tlakt threats emerging from. cnn pog correspondent barbara starr reveals all from washington. >> reporter: anna, u.s. and yemeni officials watched a rising string of intelligence tips for weeks about the possibility of a major terrorist attack in yemen but grew increasing alarmed after an intercepted message involving senior al qaeda operatives. cnn has agreed to a request from an administration official not to disclose details of that intercept because of the sensitive nature of the information. but it underscores what the u.s. sees as the rise of al qaeda in yemen and the possibility of an attack against u.s. or western interests there and across the middle east and north africa.
2:32 pm
while the obama administration decides whether to reopen embassies, defense secretary chuck hagel ordered marines in the region on a higher state of alert, including several hundred in southern italy and spain and 1,500 marines on 3 navy warships will now also remain off the coast of yemen. anna? >> barbara starr, thank you. ahead to two american embassies next and reports of correspondents on the ground. but first, in this week's "human factor" a doctor living with cystic fibrosis defies the odds and lives his dream. >> reporter: every day now chuck fox is beating the odds. >> when i was born, the average life expectancy for somebody with cystic fibrosis was 18 years old. currently, they estimate it to be 38 years old. last year i passed that threshold. >> reporter: when he was born, chuck's parents were determined
2:33 pm
to see him thrive but doctors warned he may not survive. >> i have to wear a mechanical vest every day to help keep my lungs clear and help me breathe. get hooked up to that. and it's basically like doing physical therapy for your chest and your lungs. >> reporter: like his parents, he didn't allow the skepticism he encountered to discourage the dreams of becoming a doctor himself and having a family. >> if anything, it just sort of made me want to do it more. and just prove that i could do it. >> reporter: and that's exactly what he did. dr. fox graduated from harvard medical school and has been a practicing doctor now for eight years. he and his wife amy, they just celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary. and they're proud parents of 11-year-old twins sidney and ben. >> i would say i'm the luckiest person i know. >> reporter: dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting.
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now past or approaching midnight across the middle east and north africa and all appears quiet but officials aren't close to putting down the guard after closing nearly two dozen embassies and consulates in the region today amid growing threats of terrorists namely al qaeda. two cities of concern are abu dhabi and cairo. let's start with becky anderson. >> reporter: it's a mile away from the bureau here at cnn to a abu dhabi. there are no staff at the embassy. it is closed this sunday.
2:38 pm
there are marines there and normal. they secure the facility. and they're at an official posting saying nobody must film. nothing out of the ordinary here in the uae. the we believe site says this, and i quote, out of an abundance of caution for employees and others, we are taking the precautionary step and may have additional days of closing depending on the analysis. cnn spoke to a european ambassador here he says u.s. is going on the side of caution with the attack on the mbenbeng attack in libya and the turmoil in syria and egypt. the u.s. embassy in cairo. we're not allowed to film in there. egyptian officials say back in may they detained three men who were plotting to attack it.
2:39 pm
those men are believed to have ties to al qaeda and the muslim magrab and a year ago on september 11th an angry mob tried to attack the u.s. embassy here incensed over the release of a film insulting prophet mohammed and also on that very same night we saw the coordinated complex attack against the u.s. consulate in benghazi that left ambassador chris stevens and three other americans dead. so the united states understandably not wanting to take any risks when it comes to securing its facilities and its diplomats. >> arwa damon there. rocket blast off to space and this mini talking robot is tagging along. how it will help crew members get in touch with their feelings. ?u+5+5+5+5kk
2:40 pm
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three, two, one. ignition. and liftoff. >> all systems are a go for a historic high-stakes mission to space. a japanese rocket blasted off to the international space station overnight loaded with supplies and one very precious piece of cargo. his name is kirobo. the talking robot standing at just 13 inches tall could become man's best friend in space. well, that's the intent in part.
2:43 pm
its japanese creators programmed it to see how a nonhuman companion can provide emotional support for people isolated over a period of time. he is expected to join the six crew members at space station on friday. i wonder what his hugging is like. now the nsa chief who heads to las vegas to ask for help in defending the united states. the surprise is who he asked for help from.
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well, it's been another tough week for the nsa. the deputy director testified before a senate judiciary committee trying to explain recent leaks about the information they're gathering on every day americans. but his boss the nsa director went to las vegas. no, it wasn't a pleasure trip as
2:47 pm
far as we know. he spoke at a conference of computer hark hackers. i asked the correspondent to explain to us what exactly is black cat. >> essentially, think about this. a bunch of hackers in one room just kind of playing around and talking about what they found. black hat, they gather the best and the brightest hackers around the world and when i say hackers, security consultant, contracted by the government. all different types of people come to black hat to talk about security risks, essentially. >> well, nsa director keith alexander, he addressed these hackers, some 45 minutes. basically, a recruitment drive asking for their help. what did he say? >> he did. when you think of hackers in las vegas you don't think government officials will come through be you have to take a step back and say these are the brightest minds in the business and a lot of times they call for help.
2:48 pm
you know, a lot of folks were shocked that general alexander would actually come and show up in light of the event events with the nsa and leakings and he called on the hackers for help. listen to this. >> you're the greatest gathering of technical talent anywhere in the world. if we can make this better, the whole reason i came here was to ask you to help us make it better. and if you disagree with what we're doing, then you should help twice as much. [ inaudible ] i have. you should, too. >> you have the reactions mixed. but people did applaud him for actually coming and talking to the folks. this is a tough crowd. these are the technical people of the business and they know
2:49 pm
what they're talking about. >> he was heckled. >> you could think about it like this. it's like batman. they have the power to do bad and to break in to things -- devices we own. right? but a lot of them use the power for good. helping with security. helping expose flaws in systems to be exposed. maybe we own a television and there there's something wrong with it. they're trying to find a security flaw with this. this is why the government oftentimes looks at them for national security. >> other than the address by general alexander at black hat, you attended def con. what was talked about? >> a lot of times they talk about major security flaws, what's a hackers' playground? a big trend is home automation. i have spoken about home automation. essentially, your home is
2:50 pm
connected to the internet. i could open and close my garage door with a smartphone with a connected device in my home and innovation here there is a lot of room for hackers to play. and i want to show you an example of a guy who was able to do something interesting. he was a hacker who showed and demonstrated this. >> for instance with this door look i can tell it to please unlock the door. >> and you just did that in a click. >> that's right. >> and the idea that this guy could with a couple lines of code could lock and unlock my doors was scary. we spoke to guys who were able to hack cars so to the point they could take control of your steering wheel with their computer. and that is unbelievable. and i saw a guy with a spy phone who was able to inject malware
2:51 pm
into an android phone to get my contacts and take a picture of me and record my calls and one that was eye opening which we will show you was a smart tv hack where they could -- you watch tv but they could make the tv watch you with a hack. >> that's what we have coming up next. one hacker shows laurie a couple of lines of computer code and how it can be used to turn a television into a camera looking right into your living room.
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with all the new gadgets coming out it almost feels like we are living in a science fiction novel but there are dangers as laurie siegel explains. >> reporter: what is really eye opening here is you watch your tv but with this hack your tv can watch you. show us how that works. >> one of the things that we can do with the smart tv platform is abuse the browser with the extent that we can gain access to the camera that is in the tv. what we can prove here is with a little bit of extra code we can turn the camera on in your browser. and while this is evident to you right here this is something we can do invisibly and have the camera running behind the web page you are looking at.
2:55 pm
>> i could be sitting here watching tv from my bedroom and you could be anywhere in the world looking at this image of me watching. >> yep, i could be at a laptop in a cafe in paris. and as long as i have internet access i can see the camera. >> it doesn't give an indication that the camera is on and there is no l.e.d. that shows up when the camera is on. it could be watching you and you would never know. >> reporter: what is a smart tv and why is it a playground for hackers. >> it's a computer. instead of being a tube and electronics, now it has a web browser and it has a lot of devices running linux. it's the windowing program that the tv runs. i can kill that and the tv will turn black. but when people use smart tvs for online banking we can take a
2:56 pm
popular bank address and translate that into a different ip address that directs to a site that we control. you are using a user name and password that goes to us. >> samsung says it takes consumer privacy seriously. the camera can be disabled by pushing the camera inside the bezel and unplug the tv from the home network. we also recommend that customers use encrypted wireless access points. >> when people see this and listen to this they are going to think, you know, my god, can people watch me from my television? can you -- can you definitively say that has been fixed? >> this can be done on laptops. it's harder now because
2:57 pm
companies are making it difficult. but the flaw is still possible, you know, even on a modern computer. it just takes somebody to find the right exploit and leverage it. >> well, kevin knows a thing or two about cybersecurity. he was once a fugitive from the law at the time the most-wanted computer hacker in the world. he was eventually caught and spent five years in prison. much has changed since then. today he is a computer security consu consultant and he sat down with laurie siegel and she asked if they could be a security threat to all of us. >> it's an increased threat and it's amazing how easy they are to hack because the manufacturers don't think about security. they are creating an appliance and selling in the market and they are good to go. and when the hackers are looking
2:58 pm
at the devices they go we have to fix the problems. >> is the new wave of security going to be hackers like you guys when the security is not baked in you are hacking into the device -- >> it's like hack the planet. it's looking at cool stuff, cars, recently televisions, you know, stuff that people use in their everyday life that if somebody hacks it it would be scary and cool. that's where security research is going. with the tv hack, you know, is it really practical? because it requires that a hacker stick somebody with their tv browser going to a particular website, for example to attack the browser. what are the real chances that would be an effective attack? it's probably slim. usually people are using their computer or mobile device. so -- but it's still a cool hack. >> let's talk about the nsa. >> okay. my favorite group. >> when it comes to the nsa and
2:59 pm
general alexander showing up and calling on these folks for help, the reaction was a little mixed. what are your thoughts on the nsa and are they being forthright about how much of our data they are collecting? >> probably not. probability their words are very carefully chosen. i think they are collecting more than metadata. i believe they are collecting some sort of content. >> we have to wrap it up but when it comes down to it, as a hacker who has the ability to go in and break into things, right? what are we most at risk? what do we need to do to protect ourselves? >> you know, what you could do, if you are not targeted by sophisticated hacker you can do the normal stuff of having anti-virus software but it's if you are a real target of a sophisticated guy all these
3:00 pm
anti-virus software and software to find malicious programs is ineffective. the industry has not created products that are meaningful and effective in stopping a sophisticated hacker. they are stopping the guys who are going after the low-hanging are going after the low-hanging fruit. -- captions by vitac -- you are in the cnn news room. we are awaiting the official word of the professional fate of alex rodriguez. even though major league baseball is being quiet about their decision to suspend the star infielder, multiple media outlets are saying that suspensions are coming as early as monday. a-rod is out for at least 215 games. that means he'll be watching his yankees play at least until